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Graves House

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Oceanside, California

Constructed prior to 1892 in the Folk Victorian style, the Graves House is one of the earliest extant buildings in Oceanside.  The house was featured in the 1986 film Top Gun and has since been known to locals as the “Top Gun Cottage.”

In January 2008, a private developer submitted a proposal to re-develop the oceanfront block on which the Graves House and three other residential properties were located.  As a result of the project, the Graves House will be relocated within the block.  The other three structures have since been demolished.  Heritage Architecture & Planning provided Historic American Building Survey (HABS) documentation for the demolished structures including drawings and archival photographs.  Heritage also provided complete as-built drawings for the Graves House and is currently working on Construction Documents for the relocation and restoration of the building.

View a video about this project: Oceanside's "Top Gun" Cottage